• getmarry

    i can’t wait to do it in the darkness of a bar

  • getmarry

    heyhey… don’t necessary have to go thru anal, the pussy fucking will do best too —- i think

  • cy

    the anal sex position guide… shows positions and techniques. Love the streaming video

  • maria villareal

    i really like to try that but its would be my first time please i want to get fucked like that but i am scared it might hurt help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tessia

    i havent tried this one! but i have those bar stools at home, so…. maybe my fiancee and i will have a go tonight!
    i hope a get a great orgasm!

  • angelhun

    i knw im afraid its goin to hurt a lot…but i wanna try it as well 🙂

  • mlani

    That video is HOT!!!

  • Rob

    Tried this last night. Wife loved it.

  • carl

    man my girl loved that so much she was begging for more and of course i had to give it to her!!!

  • horneymom

    husband and I tried this last night for the first time, and it was okay he really enjoyed it but I perfer other positions for anal, to me it there needed to be more action then him just screwing my ass.

  • natalie

    my hunny and i tried that the other noght…it was the best fuck ever!! , by the way this video is soooo hot, look at that good looking cock,,yummmmmmmmmy!

  • mia

    that postion we did last night it was ok
    but it hurt most of the time but my boyfriend who is older then me
    was moaning all night .i am 18 && he is 25 ….
    soooo if u rr frist time sex carefull !!!!

    • jhoomuck anoop

      did u hurt???

  • wes

    Warm Up and lots and lots and lots of Lube… dont rush into it..Anal isnt 10 minute round of fun. it can take 20 minute to a hour to warm up your partner.

    But its the best feeling for both sides when done proper

  • Patticake

    Wooooooow is this guy on loan… I cant quit looking at this video…. It makes me soooo HOT! I want to find a 10-12 .. hell if im gonna do it…. might as well do it right 🙂 LUV CLOSE UP!

  • NinetyoNE

    anyone know what the girl’s name is?

  • marv

    i like to give it in ass so nice you must try it girls

  • wildcard

    @angelhun. . . . it hurts, but its wild. . . .
    @ horneymom, I agree, there has to be more than him just doing you. . . . try doing it to him. . . . .
    . . .first time anal sex, becareful, its a right royal intro to ‘up your’s:

    But its awesome . . . . . . .

  • reggie

    this just got my cock so hard I’m about to go fuck my wife’s brains out right now

  • Qball849

    I like the way he eats her ass before hand , it works for me

  • Jennifer

    Tried this last night. It was good but not the most comfortable position. My boyfriend really seemed to enjoy it. It also gave him the opportunity to grab a handful of my ponytail and really go deep. Needless to say I was screaming. I would not recommend it for the first time.

    • Uh, yeah. The Backseat Driver is one for the more experienced.

  • Heath Maines

    I love it when my man gives it to me like this 

  • VenomusPrime

    If I had a girlfriend, I would love to try this.