Anal Leap Frog

Contrary to what the name implies, there is no jumping or leaping involved in performing the Leapfrog anal sex position. It’s similar to the familiar Doggy Style, and is one of the best positions for amazingly deep penetration.

How to do it:

  • The woman should get on her knees and allow her upper torso to lay flat on the bed or floor. As an alternative, she can rest on her elbows.
  • The man should position himself behind the woman’s buttocks and locate her anus with his fingers or with the head of his penis.
  • Ted

    My girl does not like it up the ass, what else ya got

  • zach

    id love to do that, but in the pussy tho it’ll feel better to my dick πŸ™‚ and other stuff to probably feel better to the girl also πŸ™‚ heh

  • jessy90


  • horneymom

    tried this last night and it was the best not only could my man fill me up, he could also finger fuck my ass at the same time giving me ultimate satifaction!!!!!!!

  • Lost Lyrics

    Can you say HEADRUSH?

  • Shay

    I love this one because I can also play with myself at the same time.

  • lilly

    ok so my man wants to try this but i’m kinda scared to because it will be the first time up the ass and i heard it hurts?? any comments? help?

  • almundi

    I’d like to know if women really like it up the ass and does it take time to get used to it?

  • duddy

    Ok so me and my man were looking at this website yesterday and he said hey this one looks hot y not try it so we did we followed the instructions and damn we were on fire i hav never felt that great, having a cock up my ass

  • Tayo109

    Best sex positin for a fat girl?

  • mizzthickyella

    loooks like fun..and makes ur ass biggerrr~!~~

  • Adam

    Ok great position my wife and i do it all the time . And NO you don’t have to do up the ass.

  • marv

    oh i do this position every day even 3 times but really so exc

  • walter

    Well today i have a hotttt date and i feel that i must inpress her considering the situation that we are in well this is what im trying to say …. The hot date that i have within one hour is a twenty one year old fine bitch i already have boned her but that was when she still had her boyfriend ,but three days ago she left him not sure if it was because she likes the way that i fuck her but the thing is that she left him and i really want to take over the merchandise …You know what mean well i forgot to say my age i am 41 years old and very hony i guess thats what she likes who knows anyways any hints or sugguestions on how to make this little hot thing tme more hotter …??????????????

  • Mike

    LOVE THIS SEX POSITION i dont do it anal tho , i just simply get deep in her pussy this way :]

  • lover

    My wife and I have an awesome sex life, but any kind of anal play is completely off limits to her. I enjoy toys anally myself and I’m sure if my wife tried it she would also find it pleasurable. Maybe someday…

  • Uncle Terry

    I can remember playin’ leap frog in primary school. but this looks tike so much more fun.

  • Anonymous


  • Mantronix

    Leap frog is greeeeeeat.