Tracey Cox – Kama Sutra

Move your lust life to a whole new level with Tracey Cox’s hot new take on the ultimate sex manual. Five steamy sections-Erotic, Emotional, Exotic, Expert, and Exhibitionist – illustrate more than 100 passion positions that will excite, inspire, and heat up the bedroom more than ever before!

Tracey’s trademark teasing tone reveals why ancient rituals such as “kundalini shaking” and “the lock” are the secret to spicing up a modern relationship. Evocative photography shows how to master everything from the classically erotic to the shockingly exhibitionist, and gives multiple-position twists that promise to maximize pleasure for both partners, whether you’re in the mood for a long evening of intimacy or a spontaneous, up-against-the-wall sex session.

Download this ebook: PDF | 31.7 MB | 196 Pages | English
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  • Terry

    My latest girlfriend is petite at 5 feet, 95 lbs and she loves sex standing up in her killer heels. Doggy style this way as she leans forward on our railing gets her wild as she hopes some hot guy neighbor will see us. So far, no such luck!

  • Ann

    i need a but of help to get things moving in the bedroom and would love him to try out any thing

  • Michael

    My girl loves doggy style after much foreplay and when she puts her long hair up in a ponytail I tug on it as she wiggles around a little as I playfully spank her and tell her how naughty she is! Talk about yelling out Oh God…!

  • Jon

    Its a good one. Thanks.

  • Wench359

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