Congress of the Crow

According to the Kama Sutra, “When a man and woman lie down in an inverted order, with the head of one toward the feet of the other, and carry on this congress, it is called the Congress of a Crow.”

This simple description of simultaneous oral sex is what we call the classic Sixty Nine, in which the two partners perform simultaneous fellatio and cunnilingus. Whatever oral-genital stimulation lovers give each other individually, Sixty-Nine should allow them to do together. This may seem like an ideal arrangement that ensures truly mutual joy, but in reality it may prove awkward and less satisfactory than practicing fellatio and cunnilingus in turn.

  • Aronhhgv

    have sex

  • baldy

     just checking are a woman? best advice i can give is to gentry try different sex positions and of course those intimate moments first do make a difference, my wife seems to want to talk about other crap (turn off non sex type stuff) when engaging in foreplay. but some kissing and talking about things he wants to talk about. My mrs doesnt like doing oral either and ive never been allowed to cum in her mouth. i would quite like to do that once a year would be enough im not too demanding. But a good compromise is to have  mrs on top and she GENTLY rubs her cleavage / breasts into the cock and balls for a while and even has a nibble my cock and balls, when about to cum “he” might be quite happy to get it all over your chest or your arm pit or just under your chin or he might demand that you climb on and take it inside your pussy…if you do a good job he might be up for some more a couple of hours later. .good luck…at least you care.. thats definitly a good start.

  • Smithand corona

    Make sure that when he cums, you direct the cum under your tongue.The taste/distaste will be less and you can discreetly let the cum out on the bed without tasting it. Also encourage him to eat pineapple.That will improve the taste.