Elephant Posture

If you’re looking for new, exciting ways to make love, look no further than the animal kingdom, says the author of the Kama Sutra. The Elephant Posture is inspired by the mating of elephants (except you won’t have to struggle with a penis that literally weighs a ton!) Animalistic, primitive, and positioned to hit super-sensitive spots, this one puts him in charge of her pleasure.

How to do it:

  • She lies on her front on the bed, keeping her thighs close together, rather than apart.
  • She can lift her upper torso off the bed to get closer to him or lie flat.
  • He penetrates from behind, supporting his weight on his arms, straddling the outside of her thighs.

Why you’ll love it:
Rear entry positions like the Elephant are fantastic for fantasizing because you can pretend your partner is whoever you want him or her to be! For clitoral stimulation, her hands are free to reach underneath, plus, he’ll hit the sensitive front vaginal wall, so there’s more chance of a G spot orgasm.

Hot hint:
The higher she tilts her bottom, the more directly he’ll hit the front vaginal wall.

  • Jenny A

    That is the BEST position for deep penetration & ultimate satisfaction. 5 Stars!!!

    • Moisesmerlan7

      you like it

  • xthsgirl

    oh oh! that’s what this is called! o-o
    this is what my husband did to me constantly in our hotel room after we were married!

  • Greg B

    i did this with my gf and it gave her so many orgasms! oh yeah!!!! the bed was shakin and everything! O.O

  • reed

    Who is the actress and actor?

  • Sexy Sadie

    Love Love Love this one! By far my favorite, I can get off everytime (and quick too) like this, his dick hits just right!

  • virginose

    my fiancee tried to do it with me before, but i refused cause it feels like he’s smashing me from the back, i was a virgin then and it hurts a lot at first 4 thrusts, i think now that i’m not, we can try it again and enjoy this one

  • Mike

    me and my ex girlfriend do this every time, its by far our favorite and since my dick is very long and thick, she loves it when i pound on her like this 0:34-0:54

  • wildcard

    this is a great position,
    the extent of penetration is great, and his balls banging on your anus is sooo erotic. . . .
    . . i love it when he reaches around front and uses his hand. . .
    for the ultimate sensation raise your torso as high as you can whilst your belly remains on the bed, you will be quite surprised at the superb sensations, we have tried this and its great!

  • G6

    Awsome position, like the feelin of her soft ass on ma ballz! Damn!

  • sensual

    I love to ride it and get it doggie. I think women share the same fantasies sometimes when it comes to how rough you’re getting it or giving it. Yes, men do like to look and try to perform like porn stars but I have to say so do we women. Ask her if she likes ot fast or slow rough or smooth in any position and that can make a big difference.

  • C_lrla48

    Very exciting

  • want to fuck her again

    wow i remember i fucked my ex gf like this. she had the perfect ass and dirty blonde hair coming down her back that i would pull. in the end i was coming so hard up her greek ass that i would put my lips against her ears and we would orgasm together…

  • Jennifer

    My boyfriend fucks me a lot like this. Penetration is good and deep. It is also great for good morning sex. 

    • Good point, Jennifer. It’s a relaxed position for both him and her, and very intimate.

    • Mammo420

      please send me best sex positions

  • Mike

    “She lies on her front on the bed, keeping her thighs close together, rather than apart.”: actually this position is very good even if she doesn’t close her thighs. My gf closes hers only when she wants me to explode. But before that, there’s actually no need to start with that tight sensation on your penis, which may quickly lead you to climax. (And I don’t have PE issues).

    Thanks for your website!