The Crab

The Crab’s Position is satisfyingly show-off, but also relatively simple. Send each other into erotic overdrive — in comfort!

From the Kama Sutra

“When both the legs of the woman are contracted, and placed on her stomach, it is called the ‘crab’s position’.”

How to do it:
She lies on her back, bends her knees, and draws her thighs to her stomach — Like a crab retracting its claws. He kneels in front and penetrates, holding onto the front of her calves for balance. She can hold onto his upper thighs to help provide leverage.

Why you’d want to:
This is a very comfortable position which constricts the vagina around the penis.

Hot hint:
Both partners’ hands are free to stroke her clitoris as he thrusts inside her.

  • Alana

    Best position just can’t get enough

  • maurice

    Tastefully illustrated sex positions, but have you seen the “Reverse Crab?”

  • heather

    This is the BEST POSITION!!!!! EVER !!!

    Felt so freaking good , my hubby and I do this one alomst every

  • Penny


  • horneymom

    if your husband like to watch you masterbate then this is the best position. its the best of both worlds you get banged while playing with your clit and he get so horney watching you while doing you at the same time

  • Lenny

    Great videos!

  • juicyo13

    The first time we tried this, I came so hard I almost blacked out.

  • iamhorny69

    I totally agree hornymom, my husband loves that.

  • geedward

    for ever

  • Riane

    OMG i love this one. feeling him thrust in and then pull almost all the way out is amazing. i cum with this one every single time. plus it makes playing with my clit super easy. and i agree he loves to watch. and it helps me cum harder and more frequently. gosh i wish he was home right now so i could feel that again. lol it is amazing. definately top 5 favorite

  • Noir.

    I can’t say enough about this position. So so so hot, and the stimulation… My partner and I usually leave this one for last, when my G-spot is swollen to it’s max; I usually cum about 2 or 3 times before he even gets to a medium pace. Ah, la petite morte, how I love thee… Excellent position. I suggest it to everyone.

  • Wombuster

    That position….gave me bite marks on my shoulder and hear my gf yell so loud. One inch wider and 7.5 long almost if I really did hit her womb!

  • Anthony Foli

    like the vedios they are great

  • napendadeki

    OMG deep deep penetration, always works for me. always want this over and over again

  • sexylady

    pound it pound it hard!!!!!rock it !!love it

  • sexybabe

    i tried this my boyfrnd and he so fucking really good

  • sexybabe


  • singlelady35

    hi saw this one earlier quite good

  • kris2005

    Has anyone know where i can get the previous video before this? That video shows more clearly about how to do crab’s position than this one.

  • Rachel

    does anyone know who this guy is lol i would do him in a second

    • That’s Playgirl cover model Tommy D, Rachel. If you want to see more of him, click here

  • kris2005

    Hi Melinda, 
    I think that’s not the right video i asked in my previous comment. Can i email u, i got the picture of it but not the video yet 🙁

    • You’re right, Kris. Sorry. The video you probably saw is here. The guy’s name is Michael Crowe. Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name.

  • kris2005

    That’s Ok Melinda. Thanks for the quick reply. Hope everyone can enjoy their sex life 🙂

  • Cathy

    I cannot believe that while gettign oral sex, she can even think about socks, let alone take them off. Well, she almost makes it before she tosses the second sock! Too much to take. Too much also when he slides it in. Faces and head hits the bed!

  • Dan F

    So totally hot! who is the model and where can I download this video?

  • Mr b

    Lilia your makeing me horny

  • Mr b

    I love to eat its so yummy espaically when you get real sticky my mouth gets slippery

  • jals

    This position is so deep. i make my girl come non stop on that position. on it i am the controller. she can’t just stop screeming omg!!! you should have a try

  • thyme

    did anyone notice that only he had an orgasm? 🙁