Wife of Indra

Spiritualists say sex is food both for the body and the soul, so tonight, why not try the Kama Sutra Wife of Indra sex position for a fabulously frisky feast.

How to do it:
She lies back pulling her knees up to her chin, and he kneels in front and penetrates her. She can then rest her feet on his chest, using it to give her enough leverage to lift her bottom into the air.

Why you’d want to:
This one’s all about squeezing those pelvic floor muscles – the basis of many of the positions and techniques of spiritual sex. And it has a huge effect on how good intercourse feels for both of you. So stop complaining and start squeezing! Certain positions like this one, make it easier for her to tense and contract. Indra, by the way, was a Hindu god and this position is named after his (very seductive) wife.

Hot hint:
You’ll need a certain height difference for this to work well, so use a pillow under her buttocks to even things up if needed. Oh – and take a tip from the couple in the video and save yourself from carpet burn by doing it on a soft surface.

  • khan

    i love this site 🙂

  • Stitch

    I had sex for the first time 2 weeks ago. I’m 17. A girl from school asked me to go to some party. I came and it was 10 pm so she had already been there a while and was very drunk. We directly went upstairs, made out for 2 minutes, and then she asked me if I would have sex with her. I obviously didn’t say no. I didn’t have a condom and I told her and she just not to cum in her. So we had sex for about 45 minutes and I did not cum at all. I always thought that I would be one to cum quickly but I did not cum the entire time. Then someone told me I probably did cum at the beginning and didn’t know it but I am pretty sure I would know if I did.

  • Ann

    If you just saw the video of the face, you would think she was in pain the whole time.  WOW!

    • Catara

      Probably was with that rough, fast jackhammer pounding she just got!! So damn unsexy!! No woman could have enjoyed that crap,I would have kicked him off me!! Come on people these videos are almost disturbing!!!

  • Guest

    Would be interesting to know whether the penis of the guy on this video is such upright and jumping (as if made of rubber and springs) naturally or by Viagra or something else. Especially since I saw videos with guys like this one who ejaculated and their penises still remained upright and jumping as if they didn’t ejaculate. This doesn’t seem normal.

    Does anyone know “the secret”?

  • Rich Melancon

    I can tell it’s a spiritual experience from how many times she sez “oh my god.” #srsly

  • CK

    Sex is real fun. Enjoy it guys

  • Aly

    This site is my new best friend!