The Anvil is a killer move which has gained recognition through the years because of the extra stimulation of the G Spot.

How to do it

  • The male starts by placing both of her legs on his shoulders.
  • Before he enters her, he should find an angle that they are both comfortable with and which brings the best sensation.
  • He can vary the angle of penetration by changing the angle of her legs

Hot hint
For maximum comfort and to achieve the best angle for G Spot stimulation, she should place a pillow beneath her hips.

  • heather

    This is soooo freaking hottt!!!!!!!

  • sliomyu

    Wow. they are both hot. I dream i could do this with a girl i love.

  • Sexy Chica

    OMG It’s definitely the sound that makes this one the BEST!!!!

  • John

    LOVE this one. Gents, can sometimes leave your balls a bit sore, but absolutely worth it for the view and the pleasure it gives your partner.

  • alexis

    I liked this too, but it’s kind of wild. My partner reaches climax too fast from this.

  • mahmood227

    i like this position in general i like every position that make my love satisfied

  • porsche

    You need another means of viewing other than flash player it does not work on the iPhone

  • Susan

    This is so hot I can barely take it!!!!!! This has it all. There is a large man, with a small woman, the angles are great, the sound effects are fantastic(the bodies bumping and her moaning/screaming), she is making faces, she pleasures herself, breasts bounce around, etc. After a few thrusts her toes curl as much as possible and her feet bend downward too! Obviously having fun. Makes me want to jump on top on someone right now.

  • Susan

    Flash video is preferred for streaming. Actually Ogg is best, but Flash is #2. You do not want to get into proprietary video formats, as all people cannot use them. Apple is supposed to offer Flash soon for mobile devices. Be patient.

  • smcmou

    Anyone who these 2 are?

  • birdhunter

    I want to watch the rest of it

  • birdhunter

    Does anyone know who this couple is?

  • Patrik

    A wonderful clip. I love the smackingsound when his hip pounds hard and fast against her buttocks.

  • wooowww i had this positon and i was like ohhh fuck yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cindy

    one of my favourite positions as it really stimulates the g spot. love to change positions with this one as my husband loves me on top of him cos he can suck and fondle my breasts as we both thrust we both love the feeling of penis in vagina.

  • Guest-10

    hot SEXY a lot shoot some more

  • Sam Harris

    When I do the anvil, my lady and I will have a great sex life.

  • Dicklessotoole

    dis is very good 

  • Guest

    I love this position. I always reach an orgasm from this position.

  • Wet chick

    Feels the best 😉

  • Megan

    They had better check that condom for breakage! Between his thrusts and her movements riding him, WOW! She was REALLY enjoying herself towards the end. If this were my guy and he had a condom on, I think he would ejaculate so forcefully the condom would rip and his semen would be well into my uterus in about a second! WOW! With sex this good, it would be fine if he got me pregnant! The baby would be a good memento of some of the best sex I ever had. The only regret would be that the sex would have been a lot better without the condom, but you cannot have it all. Now I need to tell my man that if he can give me sex like this, he definitely can get me pregnant!

  • Megan

    She may even rip the condom with her fingernails! Rubbing her clit, grabbing his penis to put it in, etc., can do this. If we had hot sex like this and he got me pregnant, well, things happen!

  • Sally

    Wow Megan, you really seem to be thinking about babies for some reason? I have heard of some devious women on top who kneel right over their guy when he lets it fly, so he cannot pull out. Here, she would have to pull the condom off at some point or rip the end, I guess. He’d be in la-la land anyway and may not even know. That would be bad to do and wrong, though. I noticed when a guy finishes inside while on the woman is on top, the woman kind of bounces around, due to the guy’s movements. What truly drives a guy nuts is when he is letting go and you still keep moving. I am told his penis feels crazy when the woman keeps sliding around then!

  • Sally

    I guess you could yell during sex, “Can I take the rubber off?” If this guy filled her up, the semen would get up to her breasts instantly. He looks so big and strong. Megan, they do both look like they could use a kid anyway! Wow, is she turned on at the end! She wants his penis super deep and he seems to be complying. Condom off now! Pregnant sex is great with the hormones kicking in.

  • Sally

    I guess a person could also pull the condom all the way down so it broke, but once again that would be devious and he would feel it break. Enough joking, that man is not going anywhere, no matter what. He is holding her hips, but should grab her breasts a bit. I like the beginning where he thrusts only his hips, not his whole body. Man is this guy hot!