The Butterfly Sexual Position can be performed practically anywhere – Great for the edge of the bed, couch, or just about any edge for that matter.

Well-endowed guys take heart. By by opening and closing her thighs like the wings of a butterfly she can adjust to a bigger penis and set the rhythm. His hands are free to explore, whether caressing her breasts, thighs, or pubic area.

There are many advantages to the Butterfly Sexual Position:

How to Perform the Butterfly Sexual Position
The woman lies on her back, legs spread and knees slightly bent. The man kneels (or stands if done at the edge of a shorter bed) and lifts the woman’s pelvis high enough to fuck her.

  • jmyers2780

    When I want to really fuck my girl good, this is a good one. It’s easy to really drill her deep while I’m standing and she s lying down.

    • Samantha Anderson

      u can drill me —samantha rox!!!!

    • Samantha Anderson

      u can drill me —samantha rox!!!!

    • Samantha Anderson

      u can drill me —samantha rox!!!!

    • kushmark


  • hornymathew

    yeah love this one, good to do after she has been sitting up givin me head

  • Bob

    A classic. I get her screaming to fuck her harder, and I am only too happy to pound away. Only problem is this is so hot we only last for a minute or two.

  • matthew

    With education like this, I’m gonna fuck like a pornstar!! Thanks for the ideas!!

  • alexis

    I recommend this for couples with big height difference and the “too big” problem. If a 5′ gal can do with her 6’6″ hubby, you can do it, too. Watch out for the cramp, though, but big orgasm is worth it if you try to conceive, too.

  • Jazmin

    This is the best i like the way he sticks his dick in me and it makes me yell all the time and this is grejt the fist time i tryed it was last year and it still makes me scream no matter what he does and we last about 10 min on it

  • Arash

    I dont like it .It takes only 4 mins

  • Jennifer

    This one is best for a good ole fashion fucking! Like in the video, my guy almost always turns me around, bends me over and continues the good ole fashion fucking. And about the yelling and screaming, that seems to always happen too.

    • Borthos1

      you r right jennifer,my g/f like this positon and the screaming is alwayes very high,me too love this position.


  • Guest

    This one feels really nice. I know that this is a great position for virgins, people that are still pretty new to sex, or just wants to feel great while having sex. It’s one of my favorite positions.