Playing the Cello

A modification of the Octopus. The woman lies on her back with her legs together, pointing straight up. The man kneels and puts her legs on one shoulder or the other (over the left shoulder is the proper “Cello position”) and tries to fuck some nice tunes out of her.

  • depuun

    man on top and woman on top are simply the best positions.

  • Anna

    I play cello!!!!!

  • telamiost

    some positions can be painful

  • aftab

    wowwwwwwwww too hot i will do it as soon as i can

  • Acer

    I play the cello for REAL! I’m 1st chair & I find this offensive.

  • Riane

    This one is amazing if it’s done right… There can be a size issue tho. My husband and I did this while we were dating… and i simply have to have it now. tho if its on a day where he is especially excited, we have to be careful, because it can cause serious pain. lol

  • Jenny

    This would be better being totally naked.

  • iran

    we play this method always … hot for us (me & wife)