• lilia

    i wish i was her.

  • firemaiden

    i love that position..

  • aconje

    nice position I LOVE IT…

  • Char

    We tried this and my man was all over me with that big cock of his last night. I loved this position and I know my man does too! Thank you for showing me how to keep my man smiling.

  • cher

    My man and I sat watching this together. WOW

  • samuel

    wow!!! I wish i was the man!!!

  • joe

    damn i did this to my girl yesterday and it had her screaming!!!! great position:)

  • pappu

    an excellent position for love making with lot of intimacy !!!

  • Bianca

    this is so hot, my bf and i tried this and its been my favorite positions ever since :P.. gets me turned on just watching this

  • Dave

    holy shit thats hot

  • Noir.

    Mmm, my favorite… Definitely guaranteed to make her scream. I know I do.

  • mizzthickyella

    yeah this position rockz!

  • fan

    cant see the video 🙁 lol

  • linda

    yup yup done this one before it feels bomb issy

  • nicotine

    Yeah I’ve done this.
    It’s really good.
    Wanna be that girl? xDD Lmao.

  • thruster

    grab a girl off the street and then you dont have to worry about hurting her(Dont tell your wife)

  • kris2005

    who is this guy?

  • John

    Man this site is so fucking hot if I didn’t have a PSA blood draw in the AM I would get my wife in bed right now of take care of it myself.

    Remember guys it’s recommended no shooting for 72 Hrs. prior to the test…. bummer but I have already bookmaked this site

  • Kelly

    What an ass he has!

  • Patrik

    I love the way she blinks and smiles at the cameraman.

  • Anonymous

    I like this position, even though it hits my cervix quite a bit.

    • That’s true, Anon. Not for everybody, but the penetration is incredibly deep.

  • Megan

    I wonder if the condom stayed intact? This guy is so freaking hot and muscular, she probably sort of hopes it breaks! Women do love kids!

  • Perrodiablo

    Fantastic site, are there any positions for those of a larger build? I’m a competitive weightlifter and my fiancée is a larger lady so sex is sometimes difficult. She’s easily pleased but I often have to do the work which makes it hard for me to climax. Any tips?

  • superman

    how do you Download this video