Viennese Oyster

In the Viennese Oyster position the woman lays on her back with her lower back and legs raised all the way up so that her ankles are locked behind her head.

This position totally exposes her vulva to her partner and allows for deep penetration. Another advantage of the Viennese Oyster is that this position tightens the vagina and provides the perfect angle for G Spot stimulation.

  • go_1669

    I really love this site, now i will try all positions with my hubby…

  • lv

    wonderful pose; any girl who would like to try this with me?

    • Samantha Anderson

      me! definitely id love to <3

    • Samantha Anderson

      me! definitely id love to <3

  • afroman

    this nice,, waiting for my wife to come so we can try it out

  • ibas

    thanks for education of sex positions

  • honoluludon

    my woman is 5’3/105# and this is a great position as she’s flexible and has no trouble bringing her feet back over her head and we love watching my cock slide in and out of her juicy wet pussy. it fact, it makes her wetter yet.

  • okeyoru

    this is my favorite position, my hubby really know how to make me feel good with it

  • vivi

    this is so hot..i wish i had a boyfriend who can please me like that.

  • contorsion

    Wish I knew who the guy was…..I got wet just listening to him groan… hot…=)

  • JOSY

    Realy it is nice and the position I like it too much than all position I had with my girl friend and also she likes too much.

    Thank you!!

  • Daniel

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  • jpylover865

    Slow and quick thrusts to start guys, wait to she tells you to bttm out. Balls deep, rub her clit suck her toes to furthur excite her.

  • John

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  • MsGoodyGoody

    This is a great position, it feels like you are being drilled. Really sexual.

  • Lidmel

    For Samantha A. where do you live? I am in western Canada.

  • Gandu

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  • Megan

    Wow, she said to tell her what to do. What if he said to rub her clit, lie there, and that he would unload at the back of her vagina. Thrusting before, during, and after ejaculation to really smush it around and get it deep? Would she allow it? He could just do it, but she said to tell her.