Face Fuck

Blowjobs are paradise for many men. But be aware that there are men that just don’t like them; there are men who either don’t get hard from BJs or can not cum from BJs – usually men who always like to be in control of their own orgasms.

If your man doesn’t come from blowjobs, there is one way to (probably) change that. It is rather extreme. You (in either a flat-on-your-back position or a kneeling position) will allow him to grab the back of your head, insert his cock in your wide-open mouth, and simply fuck your throat as if it were a pussy. Yes, you’ll gag and yes, you might throw up, but some girls do actually enjoy that, and I can guarantee you that many men LOVE that kind of whore-like throat-fucking BJ. If you let him use your throat like that he’ll either love you to death and worship your body afterward, or he’ll start disrespecting you because you let him use your mouth as if you were a whore. Be careful that your man is the kind who loves a sexually deviant, liberated woman, not one who is scared of them, before you try the “fuck my throat” tactic.

For every girl who loves to be fucked in the throat, there are three that hate it. If you hate it, DON’T DO IT. Don’t let him have control of the BJ if he’s abusing your throat and not being gentle. Only let him do that if you like it.

  • Dave_A

    It’s best to dip your ballsack into her mouth.

  • idk

    i love when my hubs does this to me

  • Noir.

    Grab the hair, and go to town! Mmmm, yummy.

  • Mike

    i bust nuts in this one girls throat like this, she took it with ease

  • ALI


  • reggie

    i just fucked my wife’s face this morning. I think I want to again, she sucks dick soo good it makes me wanna bang her all day.

  • blow jobs are the most important thing when it comes to keeping a guy. seriously! 🙂 and my husband fell in love with me like that again

  • David

    Where they get that bitches to make video i will love to fuck one of them :)))

  • Old Dog

    We found that having a glass of champagne or other wine nearby is better than spit as a lubricant for oral sex

  • Jakki

    Bloody hell!  WTF is he fingering his asshole while she’s sucking his dick????  What a dirty chap.

  • horny

    The Woman makes to much noise she would wake the Dead should learn to control her emotions while having sex i prefer the woman above while performing fellatio on my Penis so i can run my fingers through her Hair while she fellates my Penis

  • tom

    this makes my cock very hard