Forbidden Fruit

Considered one of the more intimate and sensual cunnilingus positions as she will be totally exposed to you in a variety of different ways. The fact that you will have a variety of different ways to pleasure her will have her looking forward to this position sooner rather than later.

To get into this position she is going to lie on her front (with her knees up and out) and a pillow underneath her stomach for comfort as you kneel between and behind her legs. Since she cant easily see what you are about to do to her it definitely increases the amount of sensations that she can experience which means you have the opportunity to leave her pleasantly surprised each and every time.

  • Rcanalius


  • curiousgeorge7

    This is a very sexy and steamy position. I wanna try it with my wife now!

  • Letathanh36

    so nice

  • Apples3563772gsf

    Is this what they call porn? This is not porn right?

  • Lloyd Ray Smith


  • Yes please

    This feels AMAZING! My fave!