Coitus from the Back

If you enjoy ‘taking it from behind’ then you’ll love this variation of Doggy Style. It’s the dirty sexual position men fantasize about more than any other!

She places a cushion under her pelvis and he enters her from behind. His penis penetrates her deeply and at just the right angle for perfect g-spot stimulation.

From The Perfumed Garden:

FOURTEENTH MANNER (Coitus from the Back) — The woman lies down on her stomach and raises her buttocks by help of a cushion; the man approaches from behind, stretches himself on her back and inserts his tool, while the woman twines her arms around the man’s elbows. This is the easiest of all methods.

  • Jennifer

    This is one of my boyfriend’s favorites. It is also a good one for anal too!!

  • mikki

    just tell him that?

  • All guys like variety. Sometimes asking “Want to try something different?” is all you need. If you want to try something really kinky or outrageous, it’s best to discuss it in advance with your partner … just so there are no surprises or uncomfortable moments.