Love’s Fusion

In this simple side-by-side position, you lie with your faces close together. This creates an intimate mood of warmth and tenderness. Both lovers lie with their legs outstretched. The woman rests her uppermost leg on top of her man’s leg, bending ti a little to allow him into her. He pulls her toward him by grasping her thigh.

From The Perfumed Garden:

EIGHTEENTH MANNER (Love’s Fusion) – While the woman is lying on her right side, extend yourself on your left side; your left leg remains extended, and you raise your right one until it is up to her flank, when you lay her upper leg upon your side. Thus, her uppermost leg serves the woman as a support for her back. After having introduced your member you move as you please, and she responds to your action as she pleases.

  • Me

    The download link doesn’t work. Please help

  • Megan

    Rip his condom off!

  • Alpha One

    a very good position, very intimate, my fiance’e n i loved it, we were very relaxed. once we got at the right angle n level it felt awesome, great clit n gspot stimulation

  • lucky girl

    We’ve been doing this more lately. It is a good position for us to get started. We just start with some foreplay and i put my leg over my bf and he strokes my pussy. I can reach down and use his cock to rub on my clit. Then a nice slow entry and I enjoy the feel of his cock as it slides into me. We usually move into a different position to get some nice hard fucking going on. But this is a nice starting position for us.

  • S

    i want this too