Gripping With The Toes

This sexy variation on the Missionary Position allows for maximum depth of penetration. Looking for an intimate position for slow, Sunday morning sex? Try this one!

From The Perfumed Garden:

THIRD MANNER (Gripping with the toes) — Place the woman on her back, and squat on your knees between her thighs, gripping the ground with your toes; raise her knees as high as your sides, in order that she may cross her legs over your back, and then pass her arms around your neck.

This position allows for maximum depth of penetration, so it is not recommended until the woman is fully aroused.

  • Jenny

    Not good for withdrawal, as she can keep you locked into position! 

  • Erica

    No sound.

  • Megan

    Even if he intended to pull out, once he saw her curled toes and her reactions, he would be staying in!

  • Hero

    Video link dead.