The Sheep

He kneels behind her while she is on all fours, then she lowers her chest to the bed in this dramatic version of doggy-style.

From The Perfumed Garden:

NINETEENTH MANNER (Coitus of the Sheep) – The woman is on her hands and knees; the man, behind her, lifts her thighs till her vulva is on a level with his member, which he then inserts. In this position she ought to place her head between her arms.

Why you’d want to:
She feels deeply submissive and sexy as she raises her buttocks high in the air and rests her cheek on the bed. He’s excited by the gorgeous view of her body and the way he can penetrate her deeply.

Hot hint:
She can try raising and lowering her chest to discover what different angles feel like. If his movements feel too intense, sliding forward on the bed will put her on a shallower angle and make her feel more comfortable.

  • sexy

    The woman is very beautiful, very beautiful face very pretty small nose very beautiful breasts and nipples, very beautiful back and bum perfect for the Doggy position by the lovely smile on her face she is enjoying it this is one of my favorite positions as i can look at her very beautiful bum and back while having her this way and if she arches her bum up, even nicer, i can also stroke her back and gently smack her bum it is a wonderful view before one seeing a woman before one like this compares to the woman on top position when i can look up and admire her very beautiful breasts and body while she is riding me

  • Kat Gallagher

    OMG love this one so much!

  • Angie

    Cool how he let’s it rip inside her. Would have been cool to have seen a wider view of both at that time. She obviously didn’t care.

  • stretch

    What a good way to make a woman orgasm before a man love doing this position