The perfect position for a man with a big penis. In The Jockey, the woman lies facing down with her feet together, while her lover straddles her legs and penetrates from behind.

How to do it:
Lay face down on the bed or floor, resting your forehead, forearms and breasts on the surface while raising your hips and buttocks high. Have your lover sit upon his bent knees, guiding his penis into you, and have him hold you firmly at the hips. Your lover may vary this position slightly by wrapping his arms around your waist, stimulating your clitoris. Lift your body so that you are pushing yourself up with your palms while your lover remains inside of you.

Why you’d want to:
This position is good for a man with a larger than average size penis, or a woman who doesn’t like deep penetration.

Hot hint:
For added pleasure, ladies, cross your legs and do those kegels. It’s a great way to get that g spot stimulation!

  • lilia

    use plenty of lubricant and lots of foreplay. you need your man to be nice and wet, if he goes faster it makes is so much more pleasurable. me and my man like this one

  • Jay


  • bubblegum

    faster baby faster !! i love this one, the way his cock thrusts into my wet pussy and how he controls the pace. i tell my man to slowly use the head only to go really fast just to make my pussy wetter so we’re both ready for the whole penis to us moan…i wna play with myself now mmmmm

  • DrEw

    As a guy this is my favorite position…. but to make it even more fun the guy shld lean forward and wrap his arm are around the upper portition of her chest and pull her to him when going in then on the way out release a bit not to much to smuggle her just enough to let her know that he’s commin in…. plus like the previous comment gotta keep her legs together…. My girl loves this position cause when Put her ass in in she always orgasims….

  • Cohen

    i should start of by saying that i love your site very much. It has let me truly realize the wonderful world of anal sex with a little leapfrog twist. Me and my partner have been having difficlut nights lately. We just cant seem to find – well any thing, the g-spot – i have no fukin clue. When my wife asked me to rub her in her g-spot, i frankly thought it was a fucking matrix. It bothered me when my partner just gave me the – u r sleeping in the couch stare and move back to your mommy’s house. I couldn’t get it off my mind, cause next day in the linear algebra exam i was prompted to make this very awkward mistake. One of the questions said – “Find the matrix that is orthogonal to the g-spot”. I felt really bad to fail everybody in this question except this one fine boy – i think it a boy , well the earring and the tight pants and the pink shirt just makes him look gay. Well anyway his answer was indeed and truley the right answer. He said” the one matrix that is truley orthogonal to the gspot after much calculatkion and thoughts is and infact is the one and the only – “My Penis (lingam)”. So i run home show this to my partner and omg that night was Godly. And so Cohen and his partner ( his pet rat) lived happily ever after, enjoyin every moment of their weird and unethical sex life.

  • Thanks, Cohen. I think.

  • iamhorny69

    mmm, my husband and i do this position about every other day…i love when he grabs my ass.

  • honoluludon

    love this position, too, especially when she keeps her legs together. it’s a guaranteed orgasm every time for her.

  • wire

    i love this position,we tried last night and cant express the feeling if you reach the orgasm

  • alexis

    This one is good if your partner has plenty of length….it doesn’t hurt too much. I’m 4’11” and he is 6’5″…

  • Mike

    made my ex my now babymomma with this position….

  • Jennifer

    I think this is one of my boyfriends favorites. I usually end up in this position especially if we are on the bed. It is very dominant for him. Another plus is he loves my ass and this position allows him to watch it move with his thrusts, rub it, squeeze it and even spank it a little. Then he likes to pull out and cum on my cheeks. 

  • Erica

    Mike, any of these positions can make a woman into a momma!  When the panties go flying no child becomes with child!

  • sexy

    the bed is moving freely while they are n having sex on it i like the sound of a creaking bed while having sex on it with a very beautiful woman