Upright Doggie

Sometimes known as “Teaspoons” the Upright Doggie Position is a very intimate pose that will have both of you entranced by its pleasure.

How to do it:
Upright Doggie is a variant of the familiar Doggy Style. The woman kneels with her legs spread, leaning slightly forward, and pushing her ass backward. The man enters her from behind, and can easily reach any part of her he wants to touch. For more leverage, she can put her hands on his thighs or buttocks.

Why you’d want to:
The unique angle lets your man enter you at an upward tilt, allowing him unlimited access to your G-spot.

Hot hint:
Try this one in front of a mirror so that both of you can see everything. To add to the intimacy, your man can kiss your neck, shoulders and cheeks. He is also in the perfect position to run his hands and fingers over your breasts and abdomen, or drop his hand towards your groin and gently start to rub your clitoris while penetrating you at the same.

  • Bentshaft

    The video (download) that was supposed to be the “Upright Doggie ” video
    is actually the “backseat driver” video.

  • lilia

    why does she hold her fannie?

  • Good catch, Bentshaft. Link fixed.

  • deezy

    Is this anal sex?

  • Jay


  • Janice

    I like it in this position when my lover whispers naughty talk in my ear.

  • Laura

    This is the night hubbie gets to put it in my back door I love it

  • sexybitch123456

    Give me more pain baby

  • Gina

    Wow! I have to try this with my boyfriend ASAP. She looked like she was having too much fun.



  • Dick

    effie i want to fuck u like this again. 

  • Jennifer

    One of my favorites. Allows a good hard fucking, but very intimate as well. He can handle my breasts easily and kiss and suck my ears and shoulders. Mmmm, I love it!!

    • One of my favorites, too. Thanks for the comment, Jennifer 🙂

  • Erica

    No sound.

  • Big cock

    Fuck this position as the cock slip often! Don’t try this for heaven sake!

    • Thanks for the reminder, Big. As with all “doggy style” positions, if her back is straight, you’re doing it wrong. Avoid the cock slip by grabbing a fistful of hair close to her head while you’re behind her and reminding her to arch her back.

  • Megan

    ose the socks and shirt!

  • Megan

    Get the clothes off! You already let him into your genitals! Your body is already plotting ways to get you to miss your period! You may not realize that, though.