The Cuissade Position, a variation of Spooning, is great for lovers who want to embrace and for women who want to exert a bit of control.

Cuissade comes from cuisse, the French word for thigh. In this position, the man uses his thigh to gently press against his partner’s vulva while he thrusts in and out.

Try the Cuissade Position tonight, and you’ll see why we consider this one of the BEST sex positions. Fifty million Frenchmen can’t be wrong!

How to Perform the Cuissade Sexual Position

  • The woman lies flat on her back, then raises the leg nearest to him and rests it on his body.
  • He enters from under her thigh with his nearest leg pressing against her vulva.
  • The woman can exert a bit of pressure with her thigh to control the depth and speed of the thrusting.
  • The man may stimulate her clitoris with a free hand for more pleasure.
  • Jean

    Wow, this is some very hot stuff. The sounds coming from that woman are an incredible turn on. I wonder if anyone knows where the full length version of this can be found?

  • napendadeki

    talk about deep penetration, this always works for me and when i see his face,it is always better and we can kiss through it all.ohhhh

  • c.ocean8

    This is one of a few videos that doesn’t seem to be loading.

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  • peyton2016

    Holy shit I wana be her that looks like if feels SO FUCKING GOOD my boyfriend he only wants to do man on top like I kno he’s 12 but he won’t do anything I wana do!

  • Goofyfun

    This is one of my favorite position. Very intense for both of us. My wife loves me to lick and suck her breast while inside her. I love it and I get more turned on too. 

  • Great comment, Goofy. Thanks for visiting 🙂

  • Jenny

    This would be better being totally naked.

  • Megan

    Get those stupid panties off! You are already naked and he is thrusting away!