The Arch

If you’re looking for a sex position guaranteed to make a woman orgasm, The Arch really is a can’t miss. Seriously. Guys, if it doesn’t happen for her with this one, well …

How to do it:
The Arch is a modified Bridge pose, with a woman resting on her shoulders while using her legs to hold her lower body off the bed.

Hot hint:
Use a pillow under your head to reduce the strain on your neck. The Arch position really works her core and glutes. If you need a break, just lower your body and lift your legs until you’re ready for more.

  • benafla

    Very educative!

  • Jeongboraci

    There is no picture or video or even any instructions.  It just says “The administrator will activate your account very shortly”.

  • Jester

    Holy shit. That’s hot!

  • sexy

    Who is the very beautiful woman? As she is very good in bed

    • chkm8te

      Lily Carter

  • Capn Jack

    Bring a beach towel.

  • john

    Fabulous. I tried it with me neigbor and after that She kept coming back for this

  • Ricky Trimnal

    The arch is my favorite position! The woman can control more when you find the right position! Pleasure is the object, and this does it for me!