The Bridge

Similar to the Arch, but worth the extra effort. She’s definitely the one calling all the shots here. By lifting her pelvis, the woman is in charge of the speed and depth of every thrust.

How to do it:
She performs The Bridge with both hands and feet on the floor while holding her body off the ground. Her partner enters from a kneeling position while holding her hips.

  • Michelle

    This position looks good… I’m going to try it. Thanks for the movie clip.

  • kwurohana

    I saw this listed in the Art of Love. Nice to have a video.

  • Marissa

    The acrobatics on these girls once I master that– I’ll fuck like crazy!

  • sadas

    he looks like jaime oliver

  • Noir.

    Wow. Another my boyfriend and I need to try. I’m going to tire the poor bloke out. Not that he’d mind, I’m sure. *smirks*

  • kris2005

    who is he? and in what movie is this?

  • Jennifer

    One of our favorites. He loves any position that my tits bounce alot, and this one is great for that. I love it because I always get a good thorough fucking.

  • Jakki

    Love tasting my own juices, mmm 🙂 1:15 go me sooo wet

  • Ahmedyoussef1987

    I dont have a wife to try this position ther is no wemen to help me

  • mariatheana