Italian Hanger

Similar to the Bridge but at a slightly different angle, the Italian Hanger allows deep penetration and leaves his hands free to explore. If you want to hit that g spot, this is the one right here.

How to do it:

  • Start in the missionary position, with the man on top of the woman.
  • The woman should plant her feet on the surface of the bed while the man shifts his hands to her waist.
  • The woman should thrust her pelvis upward while the man pulls up on her waist. She should keep her feet planted on the bed. Her back should lift from the mattress in an arch.
  • The man should shift his hands to the woman’s upper thighs or buttocks to provide support while she arches.
  • Experiment with different penetration angles. The man should continually change the angle and depth of penetration.
  • Marcus

    i asked my other if shes had an orgasm, and she said ” ehh kinda, just little ones not big ones” and i was wondering how i can make her have a really intense big orgasm

  • Sugar

    This is cool if your legs don’t tire out easily.

  • tessia

    thanks for the videos, i am getting married next week, and my husband and i need something more exciting to try, rather than the missionary!
    and will this get me pregnant easily?

  • Pam

    Don’t care for this one. I need more clitoral stimulation

  • lincy

    i want to give my fiance a real hot blowing job that will leave him begging for mor. i would love more tips on oral sex and esp blowing job

  • Ashely

    How can you enjoy ur self having fone se !?

  • Matthew

    this sex position is the best im always horny n want to try new positions on my wife!

  • avica

    i dont like it think its to hmmm well he move to hmm and she like she ant feeling a thing

  • Noir.

    Looks good to me. Real fucking good. This one’s on the list, as well.

  • TeySerk20

    Omg This Position Is The Bomb Ma Boyfriend Makes Me Scream Ahh.
    Dang I just love it !

  • thruster

    my girl is willing to try almost anything, except anal. she thinks about it, also a three-some with another asian girl, 5.3, medium size breasts, and a nice figure like my girls…sounds interesting to me, but what will the after effect be like if we all enjoy it for a return? i don’t mind… i have sex with my girl 4-5 times on weekends and once every-other day m-f. she loves the way i bring new sex positions up from our books / dvd’s. i shot a big load this past Fri.,(10/29/10) more than a visible 1-1/2 table-spoon full! she loves it when this occurs.
    keep your girls wondering if your next position will bring a big load?


  • kris2005

    what movie is this?who are the couple?

  • Megan

    Sounds like they are in a tin can.

  • kris

    Hi Jenny,
    Where can i find the full version of this clip?

  • sexy

    She makes to much noise no need to but still can enjoy it