The X-Factor

The “X-Factor” is sure to stimulate you in ways you would never expect – and your man will love it too.

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE positions because it is a Tantric position and it always produces many orgasms for me – with my hubby’s manual help. The “X-Factor” is a position which is great on so many levels – good for heavier couples, pregnant women (earlier months), and men with premature ejaculation issues, and Lesbian couples (just take out the reference to the penis).

To do this position, the woman must lower herself down onto her partner’s penis, and then SLOWLY, SLOWLY lean herself back until she is lying backwards at a similar angle to him, with her legs extended by his head. When you are correctly in the position, you should look like an “X.” The man’s penis will barely be inside the woman’s vagina – which is what aids to prolonging sex. However, the man’s penis head is what is most sensitive, so he will be very happy with the sensations he receives.

The view for the man is extremely stimulating, as he will see his partner’s open legs and his penis entering her. There is very little movement involved in this position, the woman and man can hold hands and “pull” toward each other, or the woman can grab onto her partner’s thighs to pull forward.

The man can easily reach the woman’s clitoris – which is what aids in orgasm – and because the penis is riding on the TOP of the vaginal wall, the possibility for a G-Spot orgasm is also present!

This position is one overall favorite, and if you try it, it will be one of yours as well!

  • linda

    this is what im talking about ill be screaming out his name lol

  • Sam Harris

    I think this is a great position.

  • Nena x3

    I tiredd thiss & is fxCken awsome likee I wus serioussly screaminqq is name dha hole time mmhmm ii likee iht & have u ever tryed the beetle Aooow that shit is livee

  • Great


  • Cassidy

    This is my favorite position EVER 🙂

  • Erica

    No sound.

  • sexy

    very good video and the young woman is enjoying it and she is moving with him she likes it and she is smiling while doing it

  • racecar37

    I’ve gotta try this for sure

  • sexy

    The woman should always finish the man off with her hands/ fingers or mouth it is a bond between them show of love and trust