Standing Rear Entry

Take it out of the bedroom and spice things up with the Standing Rear Entry sex position. Great for quickie sex, this super hot move combines the dirty, deep penetration of doggy style with the raw urgency of sex standing up.

How to do it:
The man stands behind the woman, who leans over a bed or supports herself on something else.

Hot hint:
Many women fantasize about being dominated. Grab a handful of her hair close to her scalp, or hold her arms behind her back and see how she responds.

  • lee ann

    i ‘m meeting with my first crush from high school after 18 years … not that good in bed not a lot of partners need a little help thanks

  • baldy

    is there a a download link available for this one? ta

  • Roy

    I like this position with my girlfriend in the bathroom.

  • hailey

    wear a summer dress with sexy panties underneath. Preferably wear heels with it too! Let your man lift your dress up and fuck you from behind, believe me, it is amazing. You don’t have to do doggie-style just in the shower – have him bend you over the bed or couch or whatever! My boyfriend thrusts soo deep in this position – make sure you / or he touches your clit – it will send you over the top.

  • Juancho

    I love this because the view is perfect considering im more of an ass guy. And also i feel more in control

  • Noki

    I like this position

  • Noir.

    Ah, memories… The position is to die for, especially if it’s a ‘spontaneous invasion’, and if you have a removal shower head…

  • hunter123

    where can i download the file plz…

  • Cici

    hahahah that was hilarious! that guy talks way too much! XD

  • Blabber

    hes fuckin hottt

  • Jakki

    Hubbie and I stayed in a hotel once with a seat in the shower.  It’s SOOO friggin hot!  He fkd me soo hard in there.  And the water makes him less sensitive too, so he was able to pound me for like an hour w/o cummin

  • Sexlova

    OMG this is my favorite position. My husbands banged me for like 2 hrs

  • Jate

    What’s the chick’s name?

  • chkm8te

    I like it when she plays with her clit when I fuck her from behind.

    • hotwife

      tt’s better when hubby does that for me 🙂