Best First Time Anal Sex Position

Is there a best sex position for trying anal for the first time? Some say no, but that there are two that seem to feel better than any others, especially for first timers.

The first is the Doggy Position, with the receiver on all fours, and the giver thrusting from behind. This position works well for your first time because it allows the receiver to back onto the penis at her own pace. If it starts to hurt, she can stop for a second and allow the anus to relax some and accommodate it at her own pace. And, if it starts to become uncomfortable for the guy, he too can back up a little bit.

The other position is the spooning position. This works very similarly to the doggy position, but because of the angle, it’s a little more relaxed. That’s key for a first-time experience, keeping her relaxed, and for this reason, spooning is probably the best position to start.

Some people will recommend using the standard missionary position or a variation of it for your first time. I disagree with this because of the awkwardness of trying to get it in when you’re doing it for the first time. You want to make sure the first time is as easy as possible, right? That way, if things go well, you’ll want to do it again.

Whichever position you try first, you definitely will need A LOT of lubricant, and I suggest spending a good amount of time on foreplay.

An ass plug or a small vibrator are a great way to begin “feeling out” this area. Just stay relaxed, lubed and experiment when your sex drive is at its peak.

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    while you fuck her in the ass; finger het too; good combo!!!!

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    I want to try this… But am scared my boyfriend is always telling me if we can do it I really want to try what can I do or use so that I won’t be scared?

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    I would realy like to try an anal position with my girl friend but she does not like the idea of sticking somthing up her arse and is scared it might hurt

    is there anyway to slowly work into anal positions

    • lonley

      yep .I recommend starting by tonging her ass hole just after eating her pussy .after she gets comfortable with this wet 1 of your fingers and slowly insert it in her ass .when she loosens up to 1 finger go to 2 then 3 .be sure to have a good amount of lube real handy .as you enter her ass with your cock watch your entry angel .you’ll need to enter the first couple inches angled toward her spine .then change angels towards her belly button .this allows you to enter with out pushing against her colon wall (which is very painful ) and will pretty much assure you wont get any more brown eye .

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    . . . . . try slightly elevated missionary ladies, and let him work his magic with first one finger and then two, , and slow finger motions, will get it all to relax, then slowly into his dick, your going to love it. . . . . . if you dont beg for more, and come back night after night for some ‘up yours’ i will be very surprised. . .
    take it slow and lube up well, just add’s to the fun though!
    Hey, tell me how was yours. . . . .

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    i have tried having anal sex with my boyfriend but it hurt sooo bad, we used lubricant but nothing has change. Anyboduy can help?

    • It’s not for everyone Nicky. You might want to start out with just a small vibrator or fingering, and work your way up to anal intercourse when you’re ready.

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    I have become addicted to it. I was with the girl I have known for quite a time but just started dating recently. We had sex for the first time last week and today was the second. During foreplay on the first day, I kinda was touching her but romanticaly, she asked me to massage her and I did, when I touched her anus, she started to moan with pleasure and moving lovingly. I knew she would go for it, but when I tried to get in her she refused. Not angrily but she said no, no ,no!!!

    Today whe had sex again and we did everything we did last time, and she let me in her ass without any problem. When we were in the second round she stopped me in the middle (while I was in her pussy) and asked me to put it in her ass. Man, I was so happy and it it was ssoooooo good.

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    I think this article is good! When my boyfriend asked me about anal sex we talked about it for a few days and when we finally did it, it was a great experience … But is only a great experience when ur prepared!

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    Me and my girl are gonna try this tonight, she suggested it not me XD

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    Me and my girl tried it for the first time (after 6 years of waiting, lol) Every time I put my penis near her butt she would immediately move away. So after talking about it we went to the adult store and got water based lube, lubricated condoms, and anal lube that helps numb the sensation so it doesn’t hurt. We got home and I first put both lubes in and around her anus after awhile put the condom on with some more lube and went in. Started slow but soon she loved it. Can’t wait to do it again.

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    i have had anal sex for a while now….i lost my virginity 1st from the back door, then from the front. i guess thats weird…but i so enjoy anal sex better! i think its because i had it 1st. Guys! All you have to do is let her relax! when i relax is so much better its all in the mind, if i think im going to enjoy it and relax and use lots of lube, then ill enjoy it!

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    Ive tried all of these positions and I think I like doggy the best!!! Love it when he tugs my hair a little!!

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    my fave is the cowgirl position my partner loves it as im doing most of the work excelent 4 orgasm 4 both of us

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    This topic cracks mr up, cuz my bf has been asking me to try it and in a far past relationship I had a bad experience with it. So, I wanna make him happy but I dont wanna be uncomfortable everytime I see him or am around him because of the outcome.



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    As a woman I enjoyed the article because it gave me ideas to try. After 8 years of marriage it’s always nice to whip out a few new tricks!!! He always asks where I learned it from and I just smile! Thanks.

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    Doggy is my favorite. A lady on the street, but in the bedroom I love to be pushed to my hands and knees and given the business.

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    i just had anal sex w my b/f for the 1st time and it wasn’t that bad… he did get a little over excited and was goin a lil fast and hard towards the end but even that was ok… it does hurt a lil when it 1st goes in and when he pulls back good news its barable… i just hope it actually starts 2 feel better 4 me… i know he enjoyed it…lol

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    I have been with my GF for 2yrs on and off..she’s really hot and so new to new sex positions.. we have done things her and her ex husband never have tried before.. believe me, he’s a fool.. the sex is great… and she really likes the positions we’ve done vaginally.. I had ex GF’s who were into it and liked the act of it that I mentioned it to my GF of today.. she wasn’t at all interested.. but I had talked her into it and she was willing to try it..then one night we were having regular sex and we were so into it that while she was gyrating and me pumping she thrust up as I was going in… it slipped in her ass… she didn’t scream or it didn’t hurt her like she thought it would.. so a short time later she agreed to anal sex.. it was a little different this time, we started out doggy style and there was some discomfort at first, and the initial penetration was ruff on her but after that, we proceeded and I came so much in her.. it was great.. we did it once after…same discomfort from penetration but we managed and it was just a great as the first time.. at least it was for me.. I was as gentle as possible and she said she enjoyed it but is hesitant to go again… she has said she wants to let me do it with her again… but I don’t want it to hurt her… I like how good it feels in her ass.. but not enough to loose her… how do I know if she don’t like it like she says and how can I tell if she is lieing and it hurts her.. love her but love her.. and having her anally too… just confused..

    • There are a lot of reasons she might be hesitant.

      First, don’t do the “oops wrong hole” thing. That’s a sure way to turn a woman off to anal. It takes lube, preparation, and communication to make the experience enjoyable. Plus, if you start out by thrusting like you might during vaginal, it will be painful and unpleasant. Get her consent first, and give her a minute or two to relax after you enter her.

      Next time you’re eating her out or fucking from behind, wet your thumb and use it to massage the outside of her anus. Don’t push it in. See how she responds. If it’s something she likes, move up to a small butt plug or vibrator. If she’s not into it, hopefully she’ll let you know.

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