101 Advanced Sexual Positions

101 advanced sex positions dvdWatch or download this explicit sex positions video featuring seven couples who demonstrate how they reach incredible orgasms by experimenting with a variety of new techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this assortment of positions and ideas will take your sexuality to the next level.

  • Amazing positions using pillows and furniture
  • Suspended sex
  • The Love Swing and the Tantra Chair
  • Positions of the Kama Sutra
  • Foreplay, massage, sex toys and bondage

Part of the Loving Sex Series from Alexander Institute, 101 Advanced Sexual Positions is approximately 120 minutes long and features tips from Dr. Patti Briton, extensive sexuality information, and full length bonus scenes.

Video Sample:

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  • BH

    i have been trying to downlaod the free videos for some time now. i have registered as requested, but when i go to login i am asked for a password. when registering, i was never asked to provide a password. therefore i do not have one, i have tryed the Lost your Password mythod to no help. Can anyone advise me to away to get a password to download the free videos?

    • Benjy, your password was automatically generated and sent to the email address you gave when you registered.

      If you didn’t register with a valid email address, you won’t get a password and the password reset won’t work.

      Hope this helps 🙂

    • Hopeson

      Install Real Gold Player 11. After installing the same playthe video, right click on video and click at Download

  • Mina

    I wish people would publish sex positions for pregnant chicks. The hormones are more than willing, but the mechanics are… strained. Only two of those positions are working right now, and it’ll only get worse from here on in.

  • Brad

    Thank you

  • goondude999

    @mina: check out the positions they have shown on the website, some of them are for pregnant women. I remember one position which was shown in the film ‘Munich’, a sideways approach it was i think.

  • Better Sex

    Me and my wife were looking for some new ways to spice up our lives. We loved this excellent video that shows hundreds of sex positions and techniques that keep our marriage FUN! I can’t wait to drive home from work to experience something that I’ve never experienced every day! I advise it to everyone, just check it out, I’m sure you-will also find it quite impressive.

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    are the videos actually total free to download

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  • herbie2671

    I’ve downloaded the 7 rar files, then when I extracted them with winrar and attempt to play the video all I get on screen is the spinning, hippie, trippie, lines, with the audio. Any thoughts/suggestions

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    can’t open, rar files, says files are broken

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  • Thanks @ young man. I’ll fix that for you straight away!

  • Wench359

    Download link is broken.  Filesonic page loads but just says an error occurred.

    • Sorry for the trouble, Wench. FS has been making server changes. If you get an error, reload or retry later.

  • Wench359

    Download link is broken.  Filesonic page loads but just says an error occurred.

  • Joann

    Do you have videos of sex outdoors?  I also like your vids as most show totally naked people.  That is the best sex, as I can see people with clothes anytime! 

  • Zahid Isaac

    i like these

  • Ggfx

    I know all these positions

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    love this sample videos