How to Fuck Like a Pornstar

AVN Performer of the Year Lauren Phoenix reveals the secrets for amazing orgasms and lasting longer.

From the cover: “Enjoy hot vaginal and anal orgasms daily! … The intimate guide to the best fucking sex ever! Secrets Revealed!”

I don’t really think I could recommend this to anybody who came to me looking for a sex ed video, but what the hell. It’s got a great title.

Party like a rock star. Fuck like a porn star. ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Sample:

Download this DVD video: AVI | 695 MB | 1:31:55 | English
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  • joe

    Wow. Lots of new shit that i havent done yet

  • Hilary Scott

    Best one I’ve ever seen!!! Loved it so much, I have wet panties just thinking about it now!

  • asd


  • kozmos

    waiting to see it i am downloading now

  • amythystnites

    Is there a trick to downloading the free videos?

    • Click on the download link and you’ll be taken to the directory where the files are hosted. Download all the files listed, then unzip using WinRAR

  • Shane

    A pornified version of adult instructional media

  • Jenny A.

    @bujhenao Hope this helps: Sex Secrets for Men ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • sexymomma31

    how do you download it?

  • Michael

    Im trynna learn 2 make my gal cum…need tips

  • simnguyen

    every time i try to download this it sends me to another site, then i would download the other things i need. after that i would go back to try to download the video again but it wont let me..! How do i download this video again?

  • Adore

    I am unable to unzip (rar) any of the files… Is any other way? I already downloaded all parts but when it is time to Un-Rar it does not let me.

  • Pinball24

    what’s the password for this archive? Does anyone know it?????

    • There’s no password, Pinball. Just use WinRAR or 7-Zip to extract the video file

      • Pinball24

        I see it’s on FIlesonic now but How.To.Fuck.Like.A.Pornstar.part2.rar is missing

        • Hmmm. Looks like Part2.rar has been downloaded several times from FS. Try it again, Pinball.

  • Wench359

    Part 2 is “corrupt” and won’t unzip.

    • I reupped it for you. If you have this problem again, try re-downloading the troublesome file.ย 

  • Bestu

    I click on download and it says the the link does not exist.

  • Auj123

    I wonder what part of the library they’d have that: instructional or romantic

  • rockdjcool

    where is the download link