Positions of the Perfumed Garden [DVD]

Positions of The Perfumed Garden portrays the most incredible and fulfilling lovemaking as a flowing sequence of extremely intimate positions. With this wisdom, you will learn to move effortlessly from one embrace to the next, with varying tempos, like those of a beautifully choreographed dance.

Written by a 16th century Arab nobleman whose knowledge of anatomy and sexual response rivals modern-day research, The Perfumed Garden is extremely imaginative and exotic. This video depicts these extraordinary positions with artful clarity. Each position is demonstrated along with explanations of the benefits and pleasures available to each partner.

With captivating portrayals by three beautiful couples, and the professional knowledge of our renowned sex therapists, both you and your lover will enjoy an amazing exploration of mind and body.

Includes 39 artfully portrayed positions and techniques:

  • Man on Top – The Stopperage, Clasping Position
  • Woman on Top – Reciprocal Sight of the Posteriors, The Race of the Member
  • Kneeling/Lying – Fixing of a Nail, Gripping with the Toes
  • Sitting – Kama’s Wheel, A Singing Monkey
  • Posterior – The Elephant Posture, the Sixth Posture

… and many more.

Video Sample:

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  • Lee Anne

    Overall Score 9.1/10

  • Erica

    Many of these are best for married folks.  A sneaky woman can say she is on BC(but isn’t), wrap her legs around him, pull him in very close for maximum depth, then not let go,  Also Imagine a guy who planned on pulling out for BC, but couldn’t.  Would feel good for a few seconds, but oops!  For the first one the guy wouldn’t know something was up, but for the second, he would.  She could also then say she will take the emergency contraception, then not.  Women have all the power.  Same scenario for the woman-on-top positions.  Don’t get off, although there pregnancy is harder to achieve. 

    • SRCivic98

      guess it’s a good thing I’m married, ha, ha. me and my wife have ways of communicating during sex in order for me to pull out i want to or if she wants me to. Communication, Trust, and Honesty, then love are the main keys for great sex and good relationships