The Art of Kama Sutra

the art of kama sutra

Discover the secrets and learn an amazing array of sexual positions using the inspiration of the ancient Kama Sutra. Try standing or kneeling, lying or sitting positions to bring out the passion in your lovemaking. Learn how to give and get control in your sexual encounters.

Experimentation – with different positions, different locations, and different times of day – is one of the secrets to great sex. Learn about sensual touch and sexual massage. Find out what women and men really want in bed and beyond.

Watch how attractive real-life couples demonstrate explicit oral sex, new sexual positions and G-Spot stimulation.

  • Ancient and new sexual positions
  • Sensual and sexual massage
  • What women and men want in bed
  • G spot and genital massage techniques
  • Domination and submission during sex

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    There is no better way to brighten up your sex life by changing sex positions with your partner. It can be exciting and fun exploring different sex positions with your partner and can strengthen your bond with them. You don’t have to go Kama Sutra crazy or anything, just liven it up and be open to trying something new and different. With all the positions, its the overall experience that counts and you can experiment with a little teasing, change in pace or rhythm, or even a change in scenery helps.

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    This DVD is Excellent! It is current, beautiful, has great music that comes with it as a bonus and really gives you Kama Sutra information not just positions like so many other videos. If someone is looking for real Kama Sutra information from noted experts this is the one! It’s also a nice weekend surprise to try something new with your partner – we both really enjoyed it.

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    • Thanks Pierce. Part 2 is fixed πŸ™‚

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