Asian Cowgirl

Take her to the peak of pleasure mountain with this rodeo ride of a lifetime. The Asian Cowgirl sex position is ideal for when guys are low on stamina or in need of a break, let her do the work and sit back and enjoy the view.

In this position the man lies on his back while the women squats — not kneels — on top of her partner with her feet flat on the ground, facing away from him.

  • Hi

    lets try this

  • getmarry

    everytime we make love, this part can’t be missed…. My honey and I we love it

  • cher

    me and my boyfriend do this but up my ass whilst he fingers me.

  • mann


  • someone

    I would like to know how to charm my boyfriend in doing this position.
    Please help !!!

  • John Willians

    Man, this position is great!!! I do sex 5 times in the week with my wife, she loves it!!!

  • Kiley

    my boyfriend and I love the cowgirl position because he has access to my breasts and clit to do what he pleases.

  • johnny

    hmm.. i really enjoy this position but my gf doesnt… she says it hurts her alot and like after i bust shes complaining that her stomach hurts.. why?

    • brian


  • Josh

    yea my gf doesn’t like this positions too much she says it hurts her

  • ME2

    OMG That’s a big fucking dick

  • Bebet0

    She is so good doing this – any girl interested in trying this?

  • Nectar_King

    Bebet0…I agree! The woman really enjoyed getting her fill!

  • tpatriot

    anyone know where to download this full video of this?

  • tpatriot

    anyone know where to get the free version?

  • max

    what is the best sex position

  • tboy80

    This feels so good, because of her muscle movements that you cum pretty fast compared to other positions. It feels like her pussy is sucking you off, heaven. Save this till last I think.

  • KIM


  • wire

    i like this one….feel to good

  • jenni

    Love this position, my hubby has a sports injury and backpain, so I got in control. We’ve been doing this in the last 6 months and just got a baby boy!

  • nishachor

    Me and my wife love this position. Best position in ever.

  • MK

    after many years in a relationship girl on top still gets us off as the finishing move. Anal for her now is the only way she will get off….experiment with some toys you’ll bring her orgasim to a whole new level

  • Sam Harris

    Let me give you guys a tip of advice on this. If you’re in a relationship that’s complicated, or not going too well, let her be on top and ride you like this. She’ll be like, “I’m sorry for what happened honey. Let’s just get to it.” And you be like, “Come on, baby! Come one!” And be like, “I for.. I for… I for… I forgive you! I fogive… you! I for… I for… I for… I forgive you! I loooove youuuuuuuu!” Let her ride you the whole time you make up for your arguements and all.

  • tt

    I like the cowgirl position for both vaginal and anal sex

  • Erbil

    I like it very much,
    I tried it with my girl friend she got Orgasim.
    Thanks a lot.

  • brian

    the woman is good very good at riding and having it in the Doggy Position has a very beautiful back and Bum and a very a Beautiful Body and Breasts she enjoys the Orgasms that she has too

  • pussycat

    I like the cowgirl position coz I’m in control and can feel him deep in me . When I have my orgasm , it will come so strong and after that he will be on top of me right away that I’m getting my second orgasm together with him.

    • Anon

      If you’re going to do a “less intimate” position and she doesn’t like the fact it isn’t as intimate, why not mix it up and try a few more intimate positions first. Like cowgirl, only have her sort of lie on top of you while you hold her close and POW. It’s great. Trust me. Then after all that great intimacy and pleasure, she is totally not going to care about whether or not the next/last position is overly intimate or not. Well, personally, that’s what I think. Since I am a female. Haha. 🙂

  • Bewneale

    the woman is good very good and enjoys it in both positions both are my favorites too

  • edward

    she is good very good moves well too on the bed and she enjoys every second of it including the sex

  • edward

    she is good very good moves well too on the bed and she enjoys every second of it including the sex

  • Whitemorgan62

    i cant wait until my boo gets home so i can pit it on his azz ! <3

  • Akiko

    Me and my bf loves this position such as woman on top of a man and a doggy style.

  • sexy

    A very good video More Fellatio than riding though a very nice way of riding though must be very pleasurable for him and Her this way and he can watch her very beautiful bum moving up and down as she rides him this way a nice way too

  • Lee

    I enjoy this position. Not so the butt hole licking. If a woman try to lick butt hole I’m going to go very limp very fast.


    jenna wanna do it how ofen do u do it baby

  • jay alva