Inverted Missionary

When it comes to sex positions, we’ll take them all. But our go-to is the clitoris-pleasing “inverted missionary.” Guys love it, and it’s one of the best sex positions for a woman to reach orgasm.

She has total control over how far she is willing to be penetrated, and the rate of the thrust. Your partner can also decide if she would like to reach an orgasm by stimulating her clitoris or G-spot. Variations in the position can also allow for kissing the body – shoulders, breasts or neck, so feel free to move around and experiment.

  • Potato_Donki

    I love this position.

  • Kariga

    This one is good for a start to make her wetter, Then I want her to grind on top of me with her clitoris between my and her pelvic bone. we reach together? yes all the time.

  • Happy Mom

    Although it is stated somewhere that this is the least effective position used to get pregnant… worked for me. We spent a weekend in this position and voila…I got pregnant with twins no less.

    • Clovertootall

      Uninformed webmaster. There no sure position to get pregnant. Just some hot sex and both lover into each other.

  • Young love

    This is an amazing position. I love being on top and I don’t think my boyfriend minds playing with my breasts. ;D

  • tessia

    i love this position!
    my fiancee and i spent a whole day in bed, doing just this one position!

  • sam

    i love thiiisss

    and i love his thumbs up hhaah

  • Arousedmale

    Its more than perfect.

  • adiikiller

    that is a goooood way

  • abdus

    I love it

    This is an amazing position.

  • cpe

    Thanks for the Rapidshare links

  • alldaylong999

    From the Urban Dictionary: “An exotic sex position that was used back in the early greek times where the female does all the work. Now it’s called inverted missionary.”

    All this time I thought the Greeks were into something different entirely

  • charles

    hey ladies, can give me some advice to get my girl friend wanting sex more often. I mean we have sex but i want to release her wild side you know?

  • Patrik

    Me and my wife love this position too. But the woman does not do all the work. I have to do some thrusting aswell, as the man in this clip. But I really love being able to take a firm grip of my wifes wonderful buttocks and control the pace of her thrusting.

  • xix

    i love this too, i like it when my man rubs my buttocks, when he does that i just grind myself even harder on him..

  • iamhorny69

    This is an amazing position for both my husband and me. I love that too xix…it makes me go crazy and i love bouncing my tits in his face.

  • Riane

    i love this one, i love it because 1 he gets to relax for a change. 2 it gives me the intimacy that i require when making love. 3 i love that i get to kiss his neck and whisper things in his ear. We both love this one. just because we can be close. 🙂 it makes me happy. not exactly the position i want for an orgasm, but when we are just starting out it’s nice to love on him. <3

  • wire

    we tried this one its easy to get wet…i love it

  • Sam Harris

    I’ll be doing this position more often no doubt. I would enjoy my woman being on top most of the time anyways.

  • Patrik

    It´s a great position. Both me and my wife love it. She alters between lying on top of me like this and sitting upp so I can see her wonderful breasts bounce up and down while she thrusts. She loves when I hold a firm grip on her buttocks an control her movements. She´s had some wonderful orgasms in this position.

  • wales

    i love this position i can watch the woman as she moves up and down at her own pace while astride me and my hands are free to caress her Breasts and play with her Nipples while she rides me

  • brian

    woman on top is my favorite position followed by Doggie then missionary.00000000

  • cindy

    me and my husband love this position as i love thrusting on top of him i start off slow then get faster and faster women on top allows man to fondle breasts this position is very close and intimate need to make noise and plenty of it.

  • cindy

    me and my husband love this position as i love thrusting on top of him i start off slow then get faster and faster women on top allows man to fondle breasts this position is very close and intimate need to make noise and plenty of it.

  • Lol_fails

    it hurts for the girls but not the dudes … NO FAIR > <

  • Jess

    one of the guys i’m sleeping with goes crazy when we do this, he loves it and i love it, so hot.

  • Erica

    Clover, if you want her to get a kid, you need to get it to her Fallopian tubes, a.k.a. tickle her ovaries!

  • Jangir87

    I also love this position…bt haven’t tried yet..if any1 interested..pls directly..brokers excuse

  • ableh02

    Is there a rapidshare link for the video? I cannot open the filesonic link. Thanks.

  • Sexysam1118

    I just had this position with my husband. I love it. It was great..

  • Shadow

    Oooh, such a hot couple. How can I get the full video?

  • sexy

    very nice position for the man and woman while he lies on the bed she can ride him at her own pace and depth of thrust and swivel her hips and bum to give him and herself more pleasure and to watch her swivel her Hips and bum very sensuously while riding you is something

  • sexy

    I Like to hear the bed creak while making love and the woman enjoying it as on this video

  • poor example

    This video is cowgirl? Inverted missionary is when the guy lays down & pulls his legs back & the girls legs are together behind her?