Lap Dance

“Come sit on my lap” just took on a whole new meaning. This dirty sex position gives you the opportunity to enjoy a little role play, so give him the performance of a lifetime!

How to do it:
The Lap Dance Position works on a (very stable) chair on on a step – all you need is for him to be able to sit down in the usual way, with her on his lap facing him. She then tilts herself up and down to rock on his penis.

Why you’d want to:
There are obvious advantages to the Lap Dance Position. First, it can naturally morph from what began as an affectionate moment. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy for her or him to reach down to stimulate her clitoris, or to caress her face or breasts.

  • HornyGirl


  • Jj

    looks fun

  • ableh02

    Is there a rapidshare link for the video?

  • deena

    wave your hand while pumping

  • deena

    wave your hand while pumping

  • Jay Experience

    I tried this the other night and my Wife experienced the orgasm of her life it was so powerful she could barely walk so i had to carry her to bed!

  • Ryan Welch

    Hot video. I love getting lap dances. Just watching that pussy grind on my cock… mmhmm

  • 69 sex

    My boyfriend wants to try this. I know he’s got a fetish for naughty school girls so I’m planning to dress up for him (slutty tight black skirt, white tight shirt and sexy underwear and stockings) and have some dirty role play with this one. He likes my butt so I’ll play a little music and strip for him 😉

  • Derrick

    Oh my God… I’m in love.

  • sexy

    a nice way of riding a good variation too the woman on the video has a very beautiful Back and Bum which she moves very nicely and has very beautiful breasts too she knows how to move to give the most pleasure to him and herself while riding him

  • Megan

    He made short work of her panties!

  • Horny

    I cummed everywhere!!!! (:

  • Mr b

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  • cacyk

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  • Jennifer

    I love this positions a lot.Myself and my husband are facing each other while we make love.What I like the most in this position is I can do the strip tease before he take my panty off and while I am riding his cock in this position he can touch my breasts too which is he always love doing it when I am in this position or on top which they call cowgirl.