A variant of the Reverse Cowgirl position. The man lies flat on his back. The woman has her back to him and faces away from him as she sits down on top of his cock, with her legs straddling the outside of his thighs. After he has entered her, she leans back on her hands, which are at his sides, and then onto her feet, lifting up her body and putting her head back, looking up toward the ceiling. In this crab-like position, she almost looks like she’s doing a back bend.

  • rodi

    Great cardio workout

  • maria villareal

    i will try that with my boyfriend right away i loved it hope to get more help because i really want to blow his mind!!!!!!!!!thanx

  • Mamo Mare

    I like this way of fucking and my girlfriend does too.

  • sexy bitch

    his huge cock just made me come!!!!!

  • cuntdelicious

    I am fucking crazy about this position. Not only is mindblowing sex, its amazing to feel so in control of his penis!!

  • firecoat


  • Susie Sushi

    I love doing this with my hoooooooottttttt sexy man candy it puts me at a perfeccccccttttt angle

    • Yazan Alakhras


  • Laxman

    This is a very hot position to reach orgasm with my wife. I fucking LOVE it.

  • honda

    very love and hot position

  • 6″

    why can’t I get my partner to try these positions.I’ve even watched some porn with her suggesting trying these positions but still the same boring missionary position time and time again is it me or just her is 6″ to small to achieve these positions???????????????????

    • Lisa A Keller

      idk why but the guy im seeing is a lil less than avg but I sooo want him to go beserk when I go wild on him