Wanton Wiggle

One for anywhere! It’s time to let your fantasies become real as you take your woman wherever you desire. Don’t worry about getting caught – this won’t take long.

A variant of the Cowgirl position, Watching the Game is one of those positions that looks easier than it actually is. The man sits down on a chair or couch (perhaps in front of the TV) and the woman sits on his lap, facing away from him. The woman may either support herself by placing her hands on her knees or – for an added twist &ndash by bending forward to touch the floor.

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  • Clapton

    cowgirl position is awesome on its own, but add a chair to the mix and it’s the hottest

    • Sam Harris

      I agree, Clapton. I’m going to give that a try one day. Having the best sex ever.

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  • Jennifer

    This is one of my favorites. It is perfect on the couch. It also works well holding on to the headboard. Penetration is really deep and I ALWAYS orgasm in this position.

  • Lisa

    I always try to rub my clit for more intense orgasms.  It does help. 

  • Kat Gallagher

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