Kama Sutra “Half-Pressed”


In the Half-Pressed Position he can enter her deeply, but her foot on his chest forces him to keep his distance – creating a sexy hint of tension.

How to do it:

  1. He kneels in a dominant and sexy upright position as she lies on the bed before him.
  2. While gazing into her eyes, he then pulls her close and penetrates her as she rests the sole of one foot on his chest and stretches her other leg out behind his body.

Why you’d want to:
The sensations produced by the Half-Pressed Position are slightly less intense than those of the Pressed Position, but with the advantage that there is space between her legs so she can masturbate while he watches, or he can reach down and stroke her clitoris to give extra stimulation.

  • sassy

    I have a very serious back problems help I need sugegstions on which positions are best for me and my hubby.. I have a 10 in rod 8 plates & 16 screws holding the uper part of my back together.. I have spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis osteoporosis, DDD which is disk degnerative diease , bone spurs on most verterbraes, siatica, and 3 herniated disk in lower back. I perfer the missionary postion but shy away from other postions.. Please help us !! Why does the doggy style hurt me at times ?