Kama Sutra Mare’s Position


More of a technique than a position, in the Kama Sutra Mare’s Position she jumps on top of him for the ride of his life, literally milking each sensual moment.

How to do it
Unlike the Elephant Posture, the Mare’s Position is not inspired by a hot, animal, horsey romp, but refers instead to her “looking after him” by using her pelvic floor muscles to pump his penis to orgasm. The “mare” reference refers to feminine energy and maternal instinct – a girlpower grip.

Why you’d want to
Facing away from him, she places her bod in a fab fondling position. She can put on a frisky floor show by touching her own breasts and clitoris or he can easily reach around to do it himself.

Cheat by …
Unless she’s faithfully followed a kegel workout plan, it may be impossible to make it to the finish with this one. If your PC muscles aren’t toned enough to pump and flutter your way to his heart, make up for it with enthusiasm. Thrust away as energetically as you can!

More Kama Sutra Positions


Pressed Position

The Kama Sutra Pressed Position is a classic move excellent for the G-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms, heavier female partners, or men with a smaller than average penis.

Kama Sutra “Half-Pressed”

In the Half-Pressed Position he can enter her deeply, but her foot on his chest forces him to keep his distance – creating a sexy hint of tension.

Widely Opened

A lift of her hips and a curve of her back means constant clitoral contact – and one very happy girlfriend!

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