On Your Knees, Please


Have you ever wondered what would be the best position for a blow job? In this position the man stands up and the woman gets down on her knees – putting her head at just the right spot for the perfect bj.

How to do it
The name explains it all. Make your man stand up, and you get down on your knees.

Why you’d want to
It’s the best view for your man, he can see you capturing his entire dick (more on deepthroat later), he can look into your eyes, he can see your face, hair and eyes, your back and your nice ass. For most men, this is the perfect blow job position.

Hot tip
Make sure to have a carpet or pillow under your knees – or at least something so your knees don’t hurt later on – you have to be fully concentrated and a pain in the knees can destroy your focus. So remember it HAS to be comfortable for you. You have to enjoy it too.

  • hannah

    for some reason, it turns me on when my boyfriend’s balls hit me on my clit when we’re in this position. like seriously, it makes me extra wet or something! anyone else??!

  • mocha

    Horny in Indiana,
    When my husband gives it to me from the back, I squirt cum out. I mean a whole lot. Him, the bed, n the floor is wet. My husband is the best. He makes me cum all during sex n foreplay. He’s a master in bed.
    I love u,

    • Diana

      Let the master teach other husbands! Damn girl

  • Ray

    My now fiance loves it when we do it doggy, she loves it when I pound her sweet wet pussy hard and deep because she squirts all over the place, love to she her ass jiggle everytime I hit it πŸ˜‰

  • Christian

    Sania, I agree that it’s better when the woman lies flat on her stomach and her partner fucks her from behind. We may try it together… πŸ™‚

  • Antonio

    This is seems to be the best position to control withdrawal.

    It would be interesting to see positions to do withdrawal or pull out securely.

  • Dave

    This is a novelty position which is fun to try as an occasional change of pace, but not a regular go to position. There is a reason why the human body is designed for face to face intercourse with the woman’s most sensitive organ located at the top of the vaginal opening and the man`s most sensitive organ located at the top of the penis head.

    These two parts are intended to rub together during intercourse and that just can’t happen here. The couple is also cheated out of the pins and needles sensation which results from pubic hair to pubic hair contact and the accompanying electrical impulses which shoot up to nipple to nipple and mouth to mouth contact while also shooting down to the more traditional penis head top to clitoral contact.

    You also get cheated out of the great view that only face to face intercourse in all of its wonderful variations can give. But, yes, it does give a quick cheap thrill way better than serious becoming and petting. Just not as good as the full.bodied one flesh type experience that only loving and gentle face to face intercourse in all of its wondrous variations can give.

  • Dave

    Doggy is one of the three positions which most couples eventually get around to trying, the other two being man on top and woman on top. What makes it different from the other two is that little clitoral stimulation occurs from the penis head and even then only from the bottom of the glans penis, which is far less sensitive and softer and less erect than the top.

    However, the clitoris will get plenty of contact with the scrotum, which will be sort of a swinging bell type contact when intercourse begins and gradually change to a hardened ball type of contact as the scrotum recedes, the penis hardens and the testicles prepare for semen discharge.

    Some couples find the sensation really sexy as a change of pace. Of course, the woman will be cheated out of the pleasure of the semen discharge in her vagina since gravity is mostly working against her and most of the semen drips out rather than producing the pleasurable swimming sensation. But it is a trade off which may be more than compensated by the swinging bell and hardened ball clitoral stimulation by the scrotum prior to semen discharge.

    A thoughtful guy will often leave his penis in her vagina after climax and switch to a back and forth or figure eight motion to give her a little additional pleasure there as the erect penis recedes to normal size. Sometimes he will even get lucky and get a little tank you squirt from her in return.

    The caution here is that in and out thrusting has to stop BEFORE semen discharge so timing of motion switch is critical! Gravity is working against you. Whereas a gooey partially hardened penis might fit back in her vagina in a face to face position, it is nearly impossible to get back in from the doggy angle. And she generally will not appreciate it if you try to force it.

    I also find the video illustration both interesting and disappointing. It is interesting because at about the halfway point in the video, the couple switches from doggy to a missionary intercourse variant. This is metaphorical because as great as the view from the rear might be under doggy, it is even better from the front. So is the sexual organ stimulation for both parties.

    It is disappointing because after about 35% of the video showing the most sexy intercourse, it devolves into the porn star template of concluding with oral and manual climax. Don’t these people know that the sexiest place for a penis is inside of a vagina, which is also the sexiest place by far to discharge semen ?

  • Dave

    Question here. Does your website have the opportunity to shoot your own videos? Or do you just borrow them. I have found your information generally more accurate and informative than most to the extent that I have seen fit to share. But I am still bothered by the porn star dominated videos.

    Most people do not have the perfect equipment shown in the videos and also have far more pubic hair. Nevertheless, a loving couple can have great sex which is often far better than porn star sex because there is an emotional attachment.

    Pubic hair contact during intercourse adds a pins and needles sensation to the sex act which those lacking in such hair often don’t experience. Most of your videos often lack in the nipple to nipple and mouth to mouth contact which adds a very pleasurable dimension to real life loving intercourse.

    In real life loving intercourse, one of the best ways to get to climax is gentle rocking, with a switch from vigorously thrusting in and out which, while very important in the beginning both for clitoral stimulation and maintaining penis hardness, properly progresses to back and forth or figure eight movement as the man approaches climax.

    Last but not least, a decent guy is also going to be concerned with his woman’s pleasure. The sexiest place by far to discharge your semen is inside her vaginal canal or at least at the entrance where she gets to enjoy the swimming sensation as well as the odor. Nice men will also leave in in for a little while or put it back in when it can be done gently so she has the opportunity to reach climax as well. The thank you squirt which she occasionally gives in return is often even more pleasurable for the man than his own semen discharge.

    Patience and gentleness is a VERY IMPORTANT part of loving heterosexual intercourse. It would be great if more instructional videos emphasized that dimension and the fact that regular people often have an even better sexual intercourse experience than do porn stars with perfect equipment.

  • Dave

    Sounds like you have a really nice guy. I really wish my gal would initiate intercourse more often, but she doesn’t, so I have learned to gradually lead her step by step and constantly ask what SHE wants next. By putting her needs first and getting her to communicate orally as well as sexually ( the very definition of intercourse), I find that she grows receptive to giving me what I am craving.

  • jkj

    she farted

  • Joseph Halloran

    Whats the girl in the videos name?