A wonderful addition to any couple’s repertoire, many women love side-by-side or the “Spooning” sex position because of the intimacy it offers.

How to do it:
The woman and man lie on their sides both facing the same direction, with man behind the woman. The man slides in and both partners gently rock to orgasm.

Hot tip:
The woman can play with her clitoris or guide the man’s hand to wherever she’d like to be touched. Staying close can feel intimate, but to spice it up and give her G-Spot some loving, have her bend forward and away so the angle is more like Doggy Style while on your sides.

  • bujhenao

    Hi…. Friends…..
    can any body teach me how I can do sex long time ? any tips or any trick for man last long ?

    • Dave

      In general, reduced frictional contact between his penis head and her clitoris makes sexual intercourse last longer, but it also reduces the sensation of pleasure. Keeping the same partner for a long, long time also helps your copulation organs grow into a near custom fit which gives a great balance of lasting longer and still getting great enjoyment from intercourse.

      Premature ejaculation is a very normal male issue the first few hundred times we have sexual intercourse. As with anything else, practice, emotional bonding and a woman whom we genuinely love and care about improves both the intercourse experience and the physical fit of the coupulatory organs over time.

  • Dave

    Most of us aren’t going to coupulate anywhere near like this because we aren’t porn stars. We coupulate for enjoyment and not to earn a living. Most of us also coupulate repeatedly with the same partner to the extent that our coupulatory organs even grow almost custom made for each other. The custom fit and emotional attachment more than compensates for the extra size in the coupulatory organs of most porn stars.

    In real life, there is no way a couple can engage in this video type of sexual intercourse for so long without the man progressing to an ejaculation response. It is probable that the video is several cuts. There’s also no way that a normal woman experiencing this level of penis penetration and clitoral stimulation can calmly explain exactly what is happening during each stage of the sexual intercourse experience.

    I’d have to say more comedy than instruction. Next time you coupulate with you true lover, just try remaining this calm and detached. It ain’t going to happen! Guys can’t stop the ejaculation reflex any more than gals clan stop intercourse reflexes of contractions or even spasms in her vaginal canal.

  • Dave

    Leave it in after you ejaculate and learn to make gentle rocking or even figure eight motions inside her as your penis shrinks back to normal size. Don’t pull out until SHE is ready and slide out gently. Don’t jerk.

    It may take several times of this type of gentle sex before has an orgasmic response, but it is worth it.