Pearly Gates


Great for giving a woman multiple orgasms, Pearly Gates is a very intimate sex position that allows you to stimulate the clitoris and the g-spot at the same time.

Advanced rear-entry sex positions like Pearly Gates offer amazingly deep penetration. While the woman controls the pace of lovemaking, his hands are free to caress her chest, hips, thighs, neck, face, and clitoris.

  • Kathy

    Any guy who thinks pulling his penis out prior to ejaculation is effective birth control is as stupid as a high school kid. My man is lubricated with the clear pre-ejaculate fluid even before he can get it in. Of course, it takes a bit more rocking together before the big supply of cream shoots out in spurts, but some of the most viable semen is in the pre-ejaculate fluid. A good share of the thrill of intercourse for me is when he stays in after climaxing and he rocks me to climax as well. Decent guys understand that it isn’t just about them, it is about you as well. That’s why my husband had learned to keep in until I tell him it is time to get out.

  • Fuckgirl

    I want to try that position